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HOW we show up in business MATTERS.

One of the most rewarding and fun aspects of our journey so far has been connecting with so many cool people via social media.

From fitness to fashion to food and of course essential oils, the topics and interests in our growing community of friends and followers are keeping us captivated! It is truly heart-warming that visiting our online profiles is not only part of doing business, but is also likely to brighten the day with humor, beauty, and messages of oneness, positivity, and abundance that are truly inspiring. 

It’s no wonder we felt pretty caught-off-guard when we noticed this comment to one of our posts a few days ago:


We admit it – our initial reaction was pretty much ego-based. It was easy to level-down with rebuttals that were similarly “low vibration.” We pointed out that we offer our blends at prices that allow them to be used daily instead of sparingly, and we do so without a multi-level marketing strategy. We emphasized that our oils are also natural, pure, therapeutic-grade, and come from plants. 

All statements made were true, both about the company this commenter was promoting (whom we admire and respect in many ways!) and about yours truly, Pro Essentials.

But something felt off about the whole exchange. There was a serious mismatch or misalignment of energy in it. Here were two people devoted to the use of essential oils, one of whom was attempting to self-promote by implying that the other’s product is inferior, and the other of whom immediately took the bait. 

Thankfully, this was short-lived. It didn’t take long to see it for what it was - and always is when something “pushes our buttons” - an opportunity to look in the mirror and to grow.

As you probably know if you’re here reading this,Born from the Earth - heal from the Earthis our slogan here at Pro Essentials.. But it is so much more than a slogan in the mainstream business sense. It is our humble recognition that we are from and OF something greater than ourselves, and that our connection to that greater something gives rise to our freedom and our security, our chance to grow and try new things, and our soft place to land. 

Ok…right about now, you might be thinking “yeah, yeah. It sounds warm and fuzzy, but everyone knows business is about one thing – MONEY.”

This is certainly the view that many hold and accept.  But not everyone.  

According to Humanity’s Team, “an international spiritual movement whose purpose is to communicate and demonstrate the timeless truth that We Are All One…”,

“Healthy profit is essential to a conscious business. But when profit becomes the sole indicator of success, dysfunction is sure to follow.

"That’s where we are today. The current standard of business isn’t working. It’s not sustainable for life on earth and people are fed up. Businesses do not operate in silos. All of life is interconnected. Everything businesses do impacts people, the environment and the world around them.” 

This article asserts that an approach based on ideals of oneness and abundance “became something of a taboo in corporations because 20th century business was largely concerned with 'left-side brain' perspectives, for example: performance management, critical reasoning, total quality, strategic planning, financial results, profit, etc.

"These are necessary aspects of good business and management, but they are fundamentally dispassionate.”

We believe that not only are they dispassionate, but that they stem from a belief that a win for you is a loss for me, and vice versa. This is a mindset of lack, of scarcity. With this worldview, no wonder it feels necessary to put down others even in one’s own space to promote self.

For those who do need a competitor, let it be the massive pharmaceutical industry that proves over and over its commitment to putting profit ahead of the well-being of its customer.

But here in this community, imagine if, instead, we embodied a mindset of abundance. What if we viewed one another as partners instead of competitors and recognized that a win for anyone promoting natural remedies is a win for all of us? 

So with all of this in mind, please humor us as we indulge in a “do-over;” here is our considered, love-based, abundance-mindset response to the comment that inspired this blog post: 

LOVE that you share our passion for natural, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils! Keep on spreading love for the amazing gifts of the Earth, which gave us life and heals us while we live it.   #Abundance #LoveMotherEarth #Thankful #WeAreAllOne #EssentialOils #ConsciousBusiness #OnenessIsTruth













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