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Pro Essentials founder Greg has been a therapist for almost 2 decades. His constant quest to bring relief to his clients eventually led him to essential oils. In essential oils, Greg found what he’d been searching for – natural, pure, healing additions to the body work he was already doing.

It did not take long for Greg to recognize that his clients needed and wanted more than the once per week (at most!) exposure to the healing properties of oils. He was spending more and more time creating blends and then explaining to his amazed clients how he was achieving the results they were feeling.

What he was NOT spending his time on was recruiting sub-distributors for his [insert common essential oil company name here] leadership account.

2 and 2 came together almost on their own – it was time to bring his blends to the world in a way Greg could be proud of; without the multi-level marketing component and at a price point that would allow the consistent use that is needed to experience the best results.

Pro Essentials was born.

Just as important as the products themselves was the culture and values Proessentials would put out into the world. Yes, there are costs involved in sourcing the world’s purest therapeutic grade essential oils, packaging them, etc. But way beyond covering costs, we at Proessentials believe in the power of connection. This includes our connections to one another, and our connection to the Earth itself. Each and every time someone uses one of Greg’s creations to heal self or someone else, this beautiful connection comes full circle. 

Nowadays, when Greg isn't in the treatment room bringing the healing gifts of his hands and his oil blends to the aid of his loyal clients, he can be found making fresh batches of Proessentials’ ever-popular classic blends, creating exciting new products, and working closely with his business partner Andrew to bring the power of nature to the modern human being.

You are Born from the Earth. You will heal from the Earth.  We can help.